A Blueprint for Leadership Excellence

Join me for this 10-week, hard-hitting, high-tech, high-touch online leadership development experience guaranteed to arm you with the knowledge, skills, and discipline to help you be the best leader possible.


We are indeed living in unprecedented times. And while the way we do business may have changed, what hasn’t changed is the importance of and need for continuous leadership development, both personally and for those around us. In fact, the importance of and need for self-development, as well as strengthening our organizational “bench,” has definitely been magnified over the last several months.

A Blueprint for Leadership Excellence is not your typical uninspiring, pre-recorded, academic program. I’m not a college professor. I’m a leadership practitioner with real world experience. For the past 25 years, my passion has been developing leaders, and that’s exactly what we will do here.

The beauty of this program, in addition to the rigorous content, is that participants complete on their own time (Tuesday & Thursday nights)! No travel expenses and participants will not miss a beat during normal business hours.

This Program is For:

  • ENGAGED LEADERS who are committed to developing their leadership skills and approaches to optimize individual, team and organizational performance.
  • EMERGING/NEXT GENERATION LEADERS who want to enhance their career trajectory and master the foundations for leadership excellence.
  • ENTERPRISING PROFESSIONALS who wish to collaborate with other self-motivated individuals, build business networks and value an exchange of diverse perspectives, to drive change and make a real difference.

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