Thanks for the awesome presentation to our 600 High School Junior & Seniors about Soft Skills and the importance of EQ even above IQ. Everyone loved the way you explained how there are three groups of people – the engaged; the partially engaged; and the disengaged but that everyone can step up. It’s a choice! Students need to know that firm handshakes, eye contact and punctuality are important as is teamwork and being authentic. But, the message that I most remember you by is that we can either consider ourselves as bricklayers, wall builders or Cathedral builders. As for me, I want to remind myself daily to strive to build Cathedrals!

Gail Johnson-Program Manager Felix E. Martin Jr. Foundation

Greg Coker’s Boot Camp is a crash course in development of soft skills that every student needs to hear. His one day presentation is powerful and to the point. We received very positive feedback from our students who attended.

Leon Smith-Superintendent Russellville Independent Schools

Providing our Senior Class with Greg Coker’s Soft Skills Boot Camp was a great way to prepare our students for beginning their lives outside of school. Our students were very appreciate of the “unwritten/unspoken” rules that were shared with them during this event.” Personally, I was also able to walk away with a renewed vision of how I want to build relationships and connections! I hope we can continue working with you in the future!

Kim McDaniel-Principal Russellville Independent Schools

Greg Coker's Soft Skills Boot Camp was a big hit with our seniors! His workshop is engaging, empowering and fun for everyone involved! Our students came away with skills they can put to use immediately at school, work and home. In conjunction with our community partners, we're planning to make this an annual event for our seniors!

Dr. Jim Flynn-Superintendent Franklin Simpson Schools

The Industrial Authority was pleased to sponsor the Soft Skills Boot Camp. Greg Coker, through his intense but entertaining presentation provides insight and helpful ways our newest members of the workforce can secure employment and manage various situations throughout their work careers.

Dennis Griffin-Franklin Simpson Industrial Authority

Greg Coker has a message of personal responsibility, self-direction and work ethic that young people need to hear. He tells it like it is and helps prepare them for success in the world of work.

Tom Harned-Logan Economic Alliance for Development

What an awesome presentation for our opening day! I had more positive comments for your presentation than any previous speakers that we have had at Russellville. The message was relevant and resonated with our staff. I even had bus drivers sharing how much they enjoyed it and that “ain’t” easy to get them connected. Again a wonderful presentation that really spoke to our staff. Thanks so much for getting our school year off to a great start.

Leon Smith-Superintendent

The Soft Skills Boot Camp was a perfect addition to our U.S. Department of Labor program, with the Youth Career Connect Grant. Our Career Counselors received a first class presentation on soft skills that can be related to everyday situations. The information about developing those personal relationships with our YCC students was rewarding to hear and it gave our group a renewed vision on how that works! The Career Counselors are looking forward to providing this opportunity to our YCC students and to their school staff to hear this powerful information that is for everyone!

Clabe Slone – KEDC Project Director

Greg Coker’s presentation is on the mark and I cannot think of an organization not benefitting from not only the information, but his delivery. We are still hearing good comments back from our seminar.

Jill S. Cutler-Mercer Chamber of Commerce and Adult Education Coordinator