Accelerating Your Performance


Customized to Your Needs!

My coaching is designed and customized to help successful people achieve positive, lasting behavior change that maximizes individual effectiveness and enhances organizational harmony.

As a three-time bestselling author, workshop leader and executive coach, I help you better understand how our personal approach and the environments in which we operate can often trigger unproductive behaviors. Through simple and practical advice, I can help you achieve and sustain positive behavioral change.

The Process

The following 10 Step Process outlines the fundamentals of our coaching relationship. Bottom line, if you will follow these basic steps, you will achieve positive change!
  1. Determine Desired Behavior. You cannot be expected to change behavior if you don’t have a clear understanding of what the desired behavior looks like.
  2. Determine Key Stakeholders. Not only do we need to be clear on desired behaviors, we need to be clear on the key stakeholders with whom you will solicit feedback.
  3. Collect Feedback. I personally interview all key stakeholders to get confidential feedback on your behalf.
  4. Develop Themes (based on the feedback).
  5. Reach Agreement on Key Behaviors for Change. My approach is simple and focused, generally recommending 1-3 key areas for behavioral change.
  6. Follow-Up with Key Stakeholders. Follow up with each key stakeholder that provided feedback, collecting additional suggestions on how to improve on the key areas targeted for improvement.
  7. Develop an Action Plan. I ask that you come back with a detailed plan of what you want to do. My job is to help you get better at what you believe is most important — not to tell you what to change.
  8. Develop an ongoing Follow-Up process. Ongoing follow-up will be very efficient and focused (personal visits, phone calls, email/text). Within six months, we will conduct a two-to-six item survey with key stakeholders. They will be asked whether you have become more or less effective in the areas targeted for improvement.
  9. Review Results & Determine Next Steps. We build on your success by determining the logical next steps.
  10. End Formal Coaching Process (when the results have been achieved). My goal is not to create a dependency relationship but rather a lasting friendship with you and a continued resource for your organization.
  11. Schedule your Personal Coaching