Greg can work with your and your team to develop a customized keynote specific to your event or group. Some samples of past and available Keynote topics are below, but contact Greg to build your own unique event.
  • Building “Cathedrals” versus “Laying Bricks”: Seeing the Big Picture
  • Your image, personal appearance, habits and keys to success
  • The importance of and strategies for getting and staying engaged
  • Creativity and thinking “outside the box
  • Understanding team dynamics and strategies for making value-added contributions
  • The appreciation of differences as related to communication styles
  • Relationship building strategies
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in addition to IQ
  • Dealing with conflict in a constructive manner
  • Stress management
  • Understanding and managing your reaction to and support of organizational change
  • Followership and leadership
  • Project management and problem-solving skills
  • Developing and demonstrating a passion for the customer (internal and external customers)

Past and Present Clients

The following is a partial list of clients who have been benefited from Greg Coker's battle tested wisdom and experience.