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What is Soft Skills Bootcamp?

While today’s employees are technically competent, they often lack what is commonly referred to as “Soft Skills” – Work Ready skills such as: communication, problem solving, customer service, teamwork, and conflict resolution. They leave school knowing “things” but not “people.” They’re good at the “what” but not so good with the “who.” In fact, the most common feedback from employers, workforce development professionals and employment agencies is that while today’s employees are technically competent, they often lack the important “soft skills.” Now more than ever those entering the workforce need a crash course on the soft skills!
Greg Coker has a message of personal responsibility, self-direction and work ethic that young people need to hear. He tells it like it is and helps prepare them for success in the world of work.

Tom Harned-Logan Economic Alliance for Development

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Why is our Soft Skills Approach Unique?

  • Our Soft Skills approach is driven by a laser-like focus on purpose and engagement. Most programs are singularly focused on basic “work skills” versus the motivation of being career and work ready. Our goal is to tap into each participant’s innate pursuit for purpose, engagement and the need to contribute. The basic work skills and the motivation for mastery naturally follow!
  • We broaden the definition of Soft Skills from simple communication to actual career and work ready skills that include but not limited to: purpose, engagement, culture, emotional intelligence, leadership, redemption/second chances, forgiveness/reconciliation, stress management and much more!
  • We acknowledge the “Hard/Technical” skills are the most important. We wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for the products we produce and the services we provide. But now more than ever, the most technical managers agree these products and services are being minimized and slower to market absent the essential “Soft Skills.”
  • We offer a real world approach and perspective. We provide battle-tested wisdom and experience for all employees, guaranteed to enhance individual and organization effectiveness. Participants are engaged, internalize concepts and most importantly, leave motivated to start the transformation.
  • Greg Coker is the real deal! He’s lived it, breathed it, been promoted for it and fired for the lack of it! His workshops are called “Boot Camps” for a reason. It’s tough love. He’s brutally honest on what will get you hired, promoted, how you’ll be passed over if you’re not careful and most importantly what will get you fired! His workshops are high-energy, interactive with each participant receiving a complimentary coaching session post workshop.
  • Our workshops are 100% customized to fit you and your organization’s needs, offered in one-day, half-day and hourly sessions (an online version is in the works). From the front-line to the CEO, Greg Coker’s message resonates with and applies to everyone.
  • Forget about taking copious notes missing half the workshop. We offer an easy to read, jam packed full of models and battle-tested wisdom in the form of a Soft Skills Field Manual. The subtitle, The Unwritten Rules For Succeeding In The Workplace, best describes this 300 page newly released gem. At the end of most chapters are questions for consideration and suggestions for action making this book an excellent source for discussion, a wonderful teambuilding opportunity and a catalyst for organizational transformation.

Reviews of Soft Skills Field Manual

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Module 1 - The Power of Purpose and Engagement

• Building “Cathedrals” versus “Laying Bricks.”
• Levels of Engagement
• Reasons for Engagement
• Strategies for Engagement
• It’s all about the Relationship

Module 2 - Individual Grit

• The Redemptive Qualities of a Fire
• Stress Resistant People
• Perseverance and Determination

Module 3 - Communication Excellence

• Self-Disclosure & eliminating Blind Spots
• Communication Style
• Destructive Communication Behaviors under Stress
• Effective Presentations
• Emotional Intelligence

Module 4 - Teamwork

• Steps of Team Growth
• Evolution of Peak Performance
• Team Conflict and Resolution
• Team Leadership/Followership

Module 5 - Culture and Organizational Dynamics

• Cultural Barriers
• Governance
• Change
• Forgiveness & Reconciliation
• The Unwritten Rules for Succeeding in the Workplace

Module 6 - Knocking Your Socks Off Customer Service

• What Customers Want
• Recovery
• Two Basic Customer Needs
• The Customer Report Card
• Buying on Emotion, Justifying with Fact

Module 7 - Problem-Solving and Action Planning

• Three Basic Questions
• A Problem-Solving Model
• Creativity
• Project Management
• Facilitation Skills

Module 8 - Management & Leadership

• The Differences
• Situational Leadership
• Readiness Levels
• How’s My Driving?
• Followership & Leadership